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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery

Tips for Relapse Prevention

Recovery from addiction is often thought of as simply quitting use of an addictive substance. However, it’s not all that simple and straight-forward. A better way of thinking about recovery is prevention of relapse, as relapse itself is one for main core factors in addiction treatment. They don’t call addiction a relapsing disease for nothing; the concept is that if you can prevent relapse, you can beat addiction. But how can one manage this task? The first step is saying “IT IS POSSIBLE.” A strong belief of this possibility is already a monumental step forward.

But that’s not all you need. Here areresidential-meth-rehab-in-florida other important tips that can help you or your loved one prevent relapse, benefiting the whole of the recovery process:

1. Find hobbies to get your mind off of using drugs. Occupying your time with sober exciting activities will help replace old negative habits with new healthier ones. This can include almost ANYTHING: fishing, bike riding, hanging with friends and family, watching films, playing sports, exercising, reading books, taking cooking or music lessons….the ideas are endless.

2. Stop hanging around with friends or family that use drugs, or don’t support your recovery. This may sound harsh, but it’s true; people who want the best for you will always support your recovery, no matter how much you think they love you.

3. Don’t attempt to forget your past; instead, use the past to motivate you to stay clean. All the turmoil and chaotic events of the past can be used to help you not return to drug use, as relapse can happen at any time. It can take days, weeks, years, or even decades to relapse, so never underestimate relapse.

4. Don’t keep your psychological or emotional frustrations inside. This can lead to toxic states of mind that lead to using again. Instead, deal with them, and confront those emotions. If you need to ask for forgiveness, then give it a shot. If you need to express yourself with writing, or perhaps see a counselor or family member to vent, go ahead. In fact, many recovering addicts join group meetings long after getting sober to ensure their inner struggles are shared with others who understand what addiction feels like.


Offering a unique blend of traditional and holistic approaches, we’ve been helping clients in drug addiction recovery for over 10 years.  Reach out to us. Both long-term and short-term addiction recovery and detox is available–just a click or a phone call away. If the information you are looking for is not found here, and you need immediate attention, you may contact us at:

Florida Center for Recovery – Addiction Treatment Center: 866-910-0417


Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery 

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