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The Most Addictive Prescription Medications

alcohol-rehabThere are countless prescription medications being produced and sold throughout the US that can simply ruin lives due to their addictive quality, high rate of abuse, mental health effects and deterioration, fatal overdoses, and death as a result of health complications. The upside is that many people live better lives as a result of using prescription drugs for their injuries or illnesses, so it does have health benefits for our society.

Still, millions of people are affected by prescription drugs every day as a result of abuse, so it’s crucial for families and patients to be informed about what prescription drugs are the most addictive.

Here are the top 6 most addictive prescription medications to look out for if you or your loved one is using medications prescribed by a doctor:

Oxycontin – A powerful time-released painkiller medication to treat severe pain after injury or surgery. It also gives the user a powerful high, leading to thousands of overdose deaths in the past decades.

Vicodin – this opiate-based painkiller causes severe withdrawal symptoms when halting use, can cause intense euphoric experiences throughout the body and mind, hard to stop using, and is often abused by crushing, snorting, or injecting the drug.

Percocet – similar to most other strong opioids like Vicodin, Percocet can lead to heart failure and overdose after using excessive amounts, and people who use it over long periods of time are at great risk of having major heart problems

Darvocet – an opioid for severe pain and surgeries; contains acetaminophen (can damage the liver), and can easily cause the user to slip into an overdose

Amphetamines – used to reach a state of wakefulness (or a brief euphoric rush) with effects on the body similar to cocaine, including a drained feeling after climaxing. Side effects can be distressful due to feeling low, leading to depression, anxiety, and a higher risk of suicide

Ritalin – sometimes abused as a substitute for cocaine, Ritalin is commonly used for treating symptoms of ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder for people children and adults. It can lead to an increase or decrease of blood pressure, as well as cause psychotic episodes


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