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Tampa Bay Witnessing Resurgence in Heroin Abuse

Tampa Bay is quickly seeing a resurgence of heroin abuse in various cities where users are replacing prescription drug opioids for this less costly alternative.

Antonio Gilliam of the St. Petersburg Police Department says heroin is the drug with the highest demand in the city, and many officers are seizing heroin in amounts of ounces, rather than the usual small bags previously used years back. A gram of heroin itself can last a couple of days, and price of heroin is still the same while opioid prescription drugs have increased greatly in cost. This has been seen in many parts of the US, where prescription drug addicts are switching to heroin because they simply can’t afford their addiction with medications. Heroin is not as costly, easier to find, and sold in good quantities.

Most of the heroin is made overseas, such as in Colombia and the Dominican Republic, and then smuggled into the US. The potency of the drug, for the addict, is superior to most opiate medications, numbing the body and the mind, and getting them their fix quickly and cheaply. Heroin is responsible for hundreds of tragic overdose deaths in the US every year, and still considered more dangerous and addictive than any other drug in the  underground market today, including meth, cocaine, and even prescription pills, which are at a close second.

Although the US government has made improvements by better restricting prescription drug medications for patients over the past year, their strategies have backfired with heroin becoming the new replacement drug, and killing more people everyday who cannot find suitable addiction treatment, or prescription pills to satisfy their painkilling/addiction needs.

Call Florida Center Recovery and speak to one of our certified drug rehab therapists to find out more about our addiction treatment programs, and how we incorporate various proven therapies like the 12 step program, cognitive therapy and holistic drug treatment therapy to achieve results. Every day is a new day to make a change.  Please contact our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center to speak with a certified counselor about how to begin the recovery process.

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