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Stress-Relieving Relaxation Techniques

Stress is a normal feeling to have, though there is such a thing as too much stress. While some people feel stress because they are too hard on themselves, or for internal/personal reasons, stress is also caused by just a multitude stressors that surround a person’s life, such as health problems, financial debt, and broken family ties.

Too much stress may require some form of relief in order to manage it at a healthy level. If a person carries too much stress, without any relief, then that’s where other problems arise, such as higher blood pressure, anxiety and depression disorders, and an overall negative change in lifestyle.Drug-Rehab-Center-in-Florida

Here are some relaxation techniques to practice when you are in need of stress relief:

Practice breathing meditations – breathe deeply from the abdomen, get air in your lungs, and reduce any anxiety or tension by breathing out steadily

Engage in rhythmic exercise and activities – running, walking, swimming and climbing relieve stress through “mindful exercises”

Practice visualization – close your eyes, imagine a peaceful place, and visualize a setting to allow yourself to smell, see, taste, hear, and feel your “meditational environment”

Try getting into yoga – different types of yoga include Satyananda, Hatha yoga, and power yoga

Experience massage therapy – reduce stress through the easing of muscle tension, relieving pain, and even practice self-massage

Source: www.helpguide.org


Family and Friends of Addicts—please remember—you can’t force an individual deal with an addiction problem. But you can offer support and arrange an intervention for addiction treatment. Reach out to us. Recovery from addiction is just a click or a phone call away. For more information on how to arrange an intervention for your loved one, contact us at:

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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery

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