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Over 90% Of People Who Overdose On Opioid Pills Continue To Use


Overdosing on a drug can quickly turn into a tragic event, but it happens every day in all parts of the world. Today, the main culprit of most overdose deaths in America is prescription opioids. They are potent, highly addictive, and made in abundance in the US. And yet, it’s hard to believe that most people who overdose on prescription opioids continue abusing the same drug despite the fact that they had a near-death experience. This was reported by a study published in the journals of Annals of Internal Medicine.

The study came from the American College of Physicians, who researched detailed medical activity of 3,000 patients using an insurance claims database that stores information of patients for a 12-year period. From group of 3,000 patients that experienced a nonfatal overdose from opioid medications used for chronic pain, shockingly, 91 percent of patients continued to receive more prescriptions of opiods after the overdose. 70 percent of these patients continued to receive opioids from the same provider.

In most cases, an opioid overdose can result from a relapse. Relapses are common, but when a relapse happens after a long period of abstinence (as recovering individuals commonly do), the body may not be prepared for the high as it once was, and the person may overdose as a result. It’s important to call 911 immediately if this is the case, or have naloxone (an opioid antagonist serum that reverses the life-threatening effects of overdose) readily available.


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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery 

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