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Non-Drug Pain Management, A New Integrated Approach

residential-addiction-treatmentNon-drug pain management is becoming one of the newest approaches to addiction treatment for people addicted to opioids, or struggling with opioid abuse. Opioids always tend to present a “double-edged sword” problem for patients: if the patient uses opioids for their pain, they run the risk of addiction, and if they don’t, they continue dealing with the pain which leads a lower quality of life and sometimes depression. So what are they left to do?

That’s where non-drug pain management comes in. Physical therapy, exercise and psychotherapy can help patients deal with pain, while in some cases, only using opioids sparingly and under close supervision. Research studies are now experimenting with veterans who suffer from chronic pain, trying to find ways to get them away from the opioid option, and into more holistic, psychological treatment. (After all, opioids are the leading drugs of abuse in the US and alternative treatment should be widely considered.)

ImPAT for example, short for Improving Pain during Addiction Treatment, is an approach that combines element of cognitive behavioral therapy with acceptance and commitment therapy. It successful, then it’s hoped that this combinational therapy can actually be taken seriously in addiction treatment settings. This integrated approach aims to help patients focus less on their pain, helping them adapt to pain, find distractions, and how to better handle pain without the use of opioid drugs and medications.


Since 2002, Florida Center for Recovery has been helping families find the courage to find recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction such as heroin and cocaine. Florida Center for Recovery assists patients in restoring their lives by embracing a way of life based upon the 12-Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and by applying a variety of recovery therapies.

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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery 

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