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Heroin Use Rose Significantly Over The Past Decade: By How Much?

A new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) revealed that heroin use has risen greatly over the past decade (11 years to be exact).

To get an idea of this rise in heroin use, it is estimated that 681,000 Americans 12 and older used heroin in the past year. Most of these people were 26 and over, but 31,000 teens used heroin in 2013.florida-drug-addiction-treatment-facility

In addition, the number of people who became addicted to heroin increased from 214,000 in 2002, to 517,000 in 2013. Comparatively, heroin use is not as popular as marijuana and prescription drug use, but the real concern is how dangerous it is. Like opioids, it is more likely to kill you than most other kinds of drugs.

One of the reasons why heroin use has been on the rise is because a lot of patients that come off prescription pain relievers will turn to heroin to continue their opioid addiction, while non-users of pain relievers were less likely to make that transition. However,  data also shows that “…most people who misuse prescription pain relievers do not progress to heroin use,” indicating that heroin is an issue on its own, and not just a drug linked to the prescription drug abuse epidemic that has also been sweeping the nation since the late 90’s.


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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery 

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