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Habits Can Be The Hardest Things to Break

Florida-Drug-Addiction-Treatment-CenterWhy are some unwanted behaviors difficult to stop, despite an individual’s strong desire to stop a destructive habit? Neuroscientists are trying to understand this mystery. Behaviors such as those associated to anorexia nervosa, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and alcoholism and drug addiction are one of the toughest behaviors to stop, and it’s quite a mystery how someone is able to do so. However, many have recovered from addiction, and others have been able to overcome their eating disorders and OCD through practice, therapy, and trying a variety of methods to teach themselves how to better manage their behaviors.

For addiction, stopping drug abuse behavior (self destructive behavior) means changing one’s lifestyle for the better. Yes, that’s a hard task, but well worth it. And the trouble is that recovering from drug abuse and addiction is life-long process, not a one-time healing event. In other words, no one really heals completely from addiction because their sobriety must constantly be maintained. So in these cases, the goal is to develop new habits to replace the old, and that takes persistence and routine.

Living a sober life, with a new set of habits, is especially hard because even after years of being sober, a recovered addict must stay focused on avoiding triggers, environments that may lead them to relapse, negative influences—all of which are cues to use drugs again. It’s easy to return to addiction, as it only takes one relapse to begin the habit again.

Scientists believe these kind of habits are hard to stop because overtime, the behaviors that once caused a simple pleasure have now become more than pleasure, but a necessity to body and mind. For example, doing cocaine or other addictive drugs is fun and pleasing at first, but later those feelings turn into a way of escaping sobriety. Instead of looking for a high, the drug abuser will be looking for a way to avoid being sober. This changes everything, where drug use turns into a “seemingly necessary” habit, and that’s where addiction starts.



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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery 

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