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FDA Approves “Bunavail” For BioDelivery Sciences

As scientists and healthcare professionals aim to get a better grip on addiction recovery, they are constantly testing and retesting methods used for accuracy. Most recently, the FDA gave an approval to the BioDelivery department in regards to actual drug administration. Medications such as Naloxone, to name one, are designed to help treat addiction as well as possible overdose situations. Naloxone is especially designed to target one of the fastest growing addictions today; opioid based pain killers. The drug is an inhibitor of opioids and can stop a high in its tracks, as well as reverse the terrible effects of an overdose.

In recent times, this drug in particular was approved to be used by emergency personnel when responding to an overdose call. It has been found not only effective for treating overdoses, but also in aiding addicts in remaining clean from pain killers as well as heroin which is also an opioid based drug.

The difficulty with Naloxone and other preventive and emergency response drugs is finding ways to effectively apply them to recovering addicts who could benefit from their effects. Previously and currently there are many old school methods in use which have been the most effective for some time. These methods range from injections to pills, to under-the-tongue sheets that dissolve over time. While all of these methods did deliver the medications used during addiction treatment, many found them to be well, putting it frankly, annoying. Many people have a certain hesitation when it comes to needles, the pills are often very reminiscent of addiction habits and the sublingual sheets often keep addicts from speaking, drinking or eating until they finally dissolve.

The newly approved BUNAVAIL which was engineered using BioErodible MucoAdhesive technology, also known as BEMA, is the first combination of addiction treatment medications used with buccal administration, or administered to the inside of the cheek. The small plasma like strip will actually stick to the inside of the cheek and has been found to remain there without much interference from the tongue, teeth or any foods that may be consumed. This new way of administering addiction treatment medications will allow recovering addicts to hold a conversation, eat, drink, sing and do basically anything they would normally be doing without having to worry about knocking an under-the-tongue strip loose. With BUNAVAIL the medication can continuously be absorbed without causing the patient to stop everything they are doing until it is complete.

Florida Center for Recovery has been dedicated for over ten years in providing addiction treatment services and programs for thousands of families nation-wide, and has saved numerous lives as a result. Our mission is not only to treat individuals who suffer from various drug addictions, but also those who suffer from mental disorders such as ADD or ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Post traumatic Stress Disorder. Please call today to save a life from the vicious cycle of drug/alcohol addiction, as well as behavioral addictions such as gambling or sex addiction.

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