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Are Family Visits Beneficial for Someone in Rehab?

Addiction Treatment and Family Visits
It is a major decision for someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to check in for treatment. Once in treatment, support is a crucial part of the treatment and goes a long way to provide a successful and lasting recovery. The main source of support obviously will be from the facility care givers, however family support is not far when it comes to importance. The staff at the facility realizes this and for the most part, unless there is a reason otherwise, visits by family members and loved ones in general are encouraged. Various facilities have rules regarding family visits which includes specific day and time, length of the visit and whether family can take the person in treatment out of the facility or not. For adolescents in treatment, most facilities use a credit system to encourage good behavior and following the rules and the regulation of the facility. For example, there will be credits for attending therapy sessions and doing homework and demerits for fights and other bad behaviors. At the end of the week those kids with certain credit will get the chance to leave the facility and those below the credit threshold will have stay-in visits.

The system however is different in the case of adults in treatment. If you don’t follow the rules, you are discharged for bad behavior, so if you are in treatment you get to have family visits on certain days, usually weekends and at a certain time of the day, usually between 1 pm to 5 pm.

These family visits are often emotional and very productive in terms of rebuilding trusts and bond between the individual in the treatment and the family. Always, the stakes are high for family visits, both in terms of expectation and acceptance by family members and the individual in treatment. These are the moments that there are a lot of hugging, crying, and communicating on both sides take place.

Family visits are important part of healing and getting back to sobriety.

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