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Defining ‘Prelapse’ And Its Relation To Relapse

drug-rehabWe’ve all heard of the dreaded relapse. But a prelapse is also something we should be aware of just as much. The best way to define a prelapse is when someone plants a “tiny seed of a thought,” in his or her own head, in which the decision is made to use/abuse drugs or alcohol.

This is the premeditation of relapse. It doesn’t have to be intentional either, because often times there are thoughts in our heads that just spring up, and we go with it, nourishing that thought and planting it in our minds. Then, time passes, and we wait for an excuse to carry out those thoughts. That is the prelapse phase, which of course, turns into a relapse if the action is in fact carried out.

Once drugs or alcohol enter the system, a relapse has occurred, and recovery has to start all over again. But the prelapse was the spark that led to it, like the falling dominos effect. Maybe we cannot prevent a prelapse, because thoughts of using happen, and we can’t control that. However, we can manage a prelapse and stop it before it turns into an action.

Here are warning signs that a prelapse may occur, or is already happening: high levels of stress and anxiety, loss of judgment, loss of structure in life, or being isolated from people and feeling lonely or depressed.

Find a sponsor to hold you accountable for your actions, remind yourself how bad you felt when relapsed before, be patient, the urge to use will pass. And finally, go to a meeting. All of these steps can help you to the fullest, taking you further away from drugs and alcohol one day at a time.


It is vital that you or your loved receive professional treatment at a medically-supervised private facility center; it is safe, reliable, and effective. For more information on our addiction treatment programs, reach us at:

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Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery 

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