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Alcoholics Fall Into 5 Categories

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According to a study of 1,484 US adults who took part in survey by * NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) people diagnosed with alcohol dependence fell into the following 5 categories.

1- Young Adult

A significant 32% of alcoholics are about the age of 24 years old which have shown dependency by the age of 20. They don’t drink as often as other groups of alcoholics, but when they drink, they tend to binge.

2- Young Antisocial

The second largest group of alcoholics fall into this group, which are 26 years old on the average and a significant number show some antisocial personality disorder. These are the ones who started drinking younger, generally about 15 and could have been diagnosed as alcohol dependent by the age of 18. They have distinctively different social habits than the previous group of Young Adults. They are more likely to smoke tobacco and pot.

3- Functional Alcoholics

These are middle-aged, working adults with normal jobs, higher education, and stable relationships. As opposed to the Young Adult alcoholics, people in this group drink frequently and “hold their drink”. The percentage of people falling in this category of alcoholics is nearly 19% of all alcoholics.

4- Intermediate Familial

With equal percentage of alcoholics in this group as in the Functional type, 19%, the individuals in this group started at a young age, average 17 years old, and have alcoholics in their close family. On the average they were alcoholics in their 30s.

5- Chronic Severe

This is the type of alcoholic that we generally think of when we think of an alcoholic individual. Individuals with severe alcoholism are for the most part male with the highest divorce rate and frequent users of illicit drugs. Even though the consequences of alcoholism is much more pronounced and more severe in this group, research shows that this is the rarest type of alcoholics with only 9% of the total population of alcoholics in the U.S. falling in this category. According to Dr. Moss, the author of the research, regardless of the severity of the signs of alcoholism, alcohol dependence is a disease with significant health impact on the abuser.



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