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ADHD Medication And Crystal Meth Aren’t Too Far Apart

outpatient-drug-rehab-in-floridaADHD medications like Adderall in the US are often prescribed by doctors for people diagnosed with ADHD, however, many doctors are also prescribing people who don’t have that condition due to their willingness to diagnose them with ADHD. Therefore, people are using medications for a condition they don’t have, and after becoming addicted to these stimulant drugs, they develop a craving for similar kinds of stimulants, such as crystal meth and cocaine.

More Adderall has been sold than ever before in recent time, which explains why the death toll for both Adderall and illegal stimulants such as cocaine and crystal meth have risen as well. It’s important for users/patients to be educated on the dangers of stimulant use, and realize that they are quite similar to street drugs – both are addictive (habit-forming), cause health complications (short and long term complications), and can lead to a self-destructive lifestyle.

And after years of studying and research, psychiatry professor Dr. Carl L. Hart concluded that d-amphetamine (known as Adderall) and methamphetamine are basically the same. Though, there is one notable difference, there is greater stigma surrounding the use of crystal meth than Adderall, which can cause people to believe that one drug is different from the other. However, the only difference is that one is legal and sold by a doctor, and other is not legal, and sold by a common dealer.


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